Homebrew Den Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped from HomeBrew Den throughout the United States and Canada. Orders ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays via UPS.  Shipping fees are calculated via UPS Worldwide during the checkout process of your order. UPS Saturday delivery service is not a standard service; when Saturday delivery is requested, the Saturday delivery fee will be charged.


If items are included in your order that are typically refrigerated, we do our best to not only pack the items properly, but also to ship your order on a schedule that avoids delays in shipping warehouses. Meaning, we ship these types of orders early in the week so that the order can get to you without spending a weekend in a UPS warehouse.  An example of this type of product is liquid yeast.


Items that require specific packing per either UPS standards or HomeBrew Den standards may require additional charges. Examples include glass fermenters, bottles, or easily dented objects. 


International orders are shipped pending both UPS and United States Federal Government customs approval.